Memory Medallions

CPRA is an authorized distributor of the Memory Medallion. The Memory Medallion, Inc. mission is to touch the life behind the names so carefully placed on monuments, plaques, tribute walls, and historical sites. This is accomplished by installing small, maintenance free, and readable electronic storage devices – Memory Medallions.

The Memory Medallion incorporates the benefits of modern technology with traditional methods of commemorating a life or historical event by providing the “life story and picture” of a person at their final resting place or any place of honor.

Consider for a moment the ability to visit a cemetery or monument and actually be able to read, see and even hear details about a family member, friend, or famous individual. Imagine having history come to life and be able to take this important information with you.

With the use of a touch wand attached to handheld, laptop or notebook PC operating on Windows or Windows CE utilizing memory Medallion Viewing Software, you can literally Touch a Life.

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Seeking to find creative answers to ever-changing needs in our industry, we are always looking for fresh approaches to the subject of remembrance.

We have joined forces with Memory Medallion, who produce a unique memory chip driven medallion that can be installed on a headstone, plaque or monument.

CPRA is also pioneering new areas of development for those interested in a virtual memorial or online memorial option for their clients.

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